Chinese New Year Red Packets: Usher in a bountiful year with FREE Design of 2021

Every Chinese New Year, you can be sure of a few things. Incessant CNY music at every mall, shopping, and buying a new set of clothes (for luck) as well as an inundation of red packets or Ang Baos.

Why Chinese Give Red Envelopes

Chinese people love the color red, and regard red as the symbol of energy, happiness, and good luck. Sending red envelopes (also known as Red Envelope, Ang Bao, Ang Poo, Lisi, 利是封, 红包, 红包封) is a way to send good wishes and luck (as well as money). The significance of red envelopes is the red paper, not the money inside. Wrapping lucky money in red envelopes is expected to bestow more happiness and blessings on the receivers. Hence, it is impolite to open a red envelope in front of the person who gives it to you.

Traditionally red packets are only in the colour red but today, it comes in many different colours such as gold, yellow and pink.

Who Gets a Red Envelope – and How Much Money Goes Inside

Traditionally speaking, if you have started earning money or are married, it is time to start your experience of giving Chinese New Year red envelopes. Giving a red packet is a way to share your blessings.

Your close relatives (like your parents and your grandparents) will keep giving you red envelopes until you are married, which is a symbol of their love and blessings for you.

Receiving a Red Envelope

  1. Always receive your red envelope with both hands. It is impolite to accept a red envelope with just one hand.
  2. When you receive a red envelope, you should express thanks and greet the giver with a pleasing, auspicious phrase. Click to learn some Chinese New Year popular greetings.
  3. Never open your red envelope in front of the person who just gave it to you. You should do it in private or when you get home.

Occasions for Red Envelopes

Chinese New Year is a red envelope season. But red envelopes are not limited to Chinese New Year. It is common to give a red envelope during some special occasions, such as a wedding, graduation, the birth of a baby, or a senior person’s birthday. It is a traditional way to wish good luck and share blessings.

Where to Print your own Customise Red Envelopes

As a marketing tool, companies are also giving out free red packets to their customers before the CNY to thank their customers for their support throughout the year(s). These red packets do not contain money and typically carry the company’s logo and other details (eg. website and contact numbers). They are given as a gift to the customers and when customers use them by putting money inside and giving them out to their employees, kids, and relatives, it achieves the effect of spreading their company’s brand and zero dollar distribution fee.

Every year, we offer a great variety of professional designs and premium materials for customers. Customers are able to add their company info (eg. Logo, website, contact numbers) on the front and back of the red packets.

Red packets are often given out in packs of 5pcs, 8pcs, or 10pcs.

This is suitable for companies or individuals who want a unique design of their own.

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