Collage Photo Print with Customize Name Print on Frame

Photo frames are one of the most lovable gifts to give. Printmystuff provides Handcrafted custom picture frame for your memorable and cherished photographs and makes them into an art piece to be placed in your room, office or home. 

We specialize in creating beautiful hand-made, museum-quality frames for fine art, paintings, prints, posters, personal and commercial photographs, objects, collections display frames and more.

Why should you get a Framed Picture?

Some pictures and photographs are special.

They deserve to be highlighted and made to last forever.

There are moments in life that make ideal candidates for framed prints.

Imagine your wedding picture beautifully framed in a classic colour you love. Each sparkle in your eye captured in picture that will remain a long time, providing premium yet affordable picture framing services.

Your child’s first smile. Your prize-winning photograph. Your favourite holiday memories. Your family photographs.

Each of them can be brought to life for you to enjoy for a lifetime.

For this very reason, Framed Pictures also make many unique gifts for the people you love in your life.

You can find framed gifts for your loved ones here at Printmystuffsg. Talk to Us! 


– Matte laboratory print
– No colour correction unless a request
– Crop and edit your image to fit in the needed size (our team will show it to you to confirm before printing)
– No image compression
– Add whiteboard border to your print – Yes / No
– Add Wordings print on the Photo frame – Yes / No

Our range of textured frames will leave you spoiled for choice. Prices are calculated on the basis of size, texture and thickness. Ask us for the range of designs.

If you would like a quotation, You may get in touch with us for advice and enquiries on whatsapp +65 8753 0413!

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