Looking for the Best Printing Service Deals in Singapore?

Sick and tired of scouring various sites for cheap and good printing deals? Join life-saving Telegram channels for all the info you’ve wanted at your fingertips.

For busy people out there who barely have time to eat a proper meal in peace, Telegram channels are a real lifesaver. Telegram is an open-source, privacy-focused instant messaging platform that is growing in popularity, especially among millennials. Like any instant message service, it allows people to message individuals or in larger groups.

We’re proud to work with leading brands from across the globe. We think long-term as a brand and have a clear vision of where we will sit in the market and with our other brands. We aim to offer the best for our brand’s partners and customers for as long as they want to be with us, committing to them and their growth.

PrintDeals is a broadcast group where communication is one-way only so you will only receive post/deals update from the broadcaster and not unnecessary chats in the group. The broadcast channels combine the convenience of receiving information instantly on your phone, with quality content that you can trust.

Telegram Co. is not a traditional distributor. We want to grow brand awareness, desirability and the brand story in our markets, along with sales. As so, we offer the best rate we can for our customers.



To get you started on using Telegram to save money, Telegram channels also have other channels that are the best money-saving hacks, deals, and promotions in Singapore. Join https://t.me/printdeals for printing deals you actually want. Receive the latest promo updates here!

If you are not looking for deals and unsure of the design/print you need, You may get in touch with us for advice and enquiries on whatsapp +65 8753 0413!  Free consultation, as well as some paper sample kit, are available too.

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