Premium Quality Photography Canvas & Framed Prints in Singapore

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Canvas is a durable type of fabric that is usually made of cotton or linen. An image can be printed on this canvas and stretched over a wooden frame to create a canvas photo print.

Canvas prints are also the top choice for display at wedding ceremonies. Share your favourite couple moment with your family and friends on your special day. You can display your canvas print on an easel stand at the entrance or enhance it with fairy lights for a magical touch on your reception table.

Here at Printmystuffsg, we use both the inkjet print process and latex print process to reproduce photographic images on our canvases. Print any photo on canvas or as a framed canvas print with Printmystuffsg. Our expert printing processes allow you to create gallery-quality canvas art and framed prints.

Even though you cannot see the back of the print once it is hanging on the wall, we take just as much pride in the finishing of the back of the print as we do with the front. After stretching, the excess canvas at the back of the print is carefully trimmed and wrapped.

Finally, we insert professional grade hooks and plastic coated, stainless steel wire to allow you to hang your print. This means that your print is ready to hang straight after completion. 

The choice of paper in fine art printing is important at both the artistic and technical levels. A good paper choice is one that complements the image, helps take it to the next level in artistic expression and improves its value to the collector. Technically, the paper is a vital component of the printing process and determines if the print is durable enough to last for the years to come.

It’s true that Art just looks way better being framed. All our customize frame finishes are handcrafted. We only use the finest materials, sourced from all over the world and we still cost around 50% less than a custom frame shop. We can print your company logo on the frame too.

Why you should print Photos?
Printing duplicates of photos taken from gatherings of family and friends and giving them hard copies has unparalleled sentimental value – way more than just tagging them on Facebook. Technology changes, prints do not. The photos you saved in today’s storage media may not work in the future.

Thrill your walls now with a stunning framed-photographic print!

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