Wedding Invitation Cards Design & Print Ideas in Singapore

Registering your marriage, choosing a venue, hiring a professional photographer, searching for the dress… there are a gazillion details to take note of when you’re planning the perfect wedding. Well, wedding invitations are a small but integral part of the big (happy) picture. More than just fulfilling a practical purpose, they give your guests a sneak peek into the party style of your Big Day.

We have got a list of Useful Tips to plan your desire Wedding Invitation cards!

1. Select the Style
This is the first of many other aspects you’ve to think about, and it really depends on your wedding style. Start off with the romantic idea that inspires you then add in pieces of things you would love to add in your wedding cards. Many tend to stick to a standard template provided by some printer which may turn out regretful because it’s not customized nor solely owned by you, many couples can duplicate it and it’s not unique to your memories.

2. Prepare the wedding details
Before you ask the designer or printer’s to design an invitation card, it is important to prepare a list with details like the wedding date, names of bridal couple and parents, venue address, RSVP contact persons and dress code. Some bridal couples also choose to include a response card (for RSVPs) or a location map for guests who might be unfamiliar with the wedding venue.

3. Getting the wording right
After the design process, making sure there are no typos mistakes or error is important. As well as making sure the final design outcome is something that warms your heart. Whether you’ve opted for a formal tone or casual style, just make sure that the content of your invitation is clearly stated and organized.

4. Time is Crucial
Take note of the time frame – make sure you have enough time for the selection, printing, and delivery of your wedding invitations. If you’re choosing customize design over ready-made templates, you will need to invest more time for the designer to complete the artwork. In Singapore, printers usually require three weeks for the printing of the cards. In this case, we’re able to rush for you within two weeks.

5. Print more, not less
The number of Invitations cards does not equivalent to the number of Guest. Do realize that the print quantity of your wedding invitations will not match your guest list exactly. That’s because it is customary to combine invitations in one card for a married couple or a family with children under 18. But it’s a good idea to print extras pieces just in case people last minute couldn’t make it and you may invite some other people in mind with the extra cards.

Go by this rule when you’re trying to decide how many invitation cards to order. For one, it is more expensive to order a small quantity that bigger quantity most of the time. Also, it’s always good to have about 30 extra invitation cards just in case.

6. Some Wedding Banquet provides FREE Prints
If you’ve booked a wedding banquet at a hotel or restaurant, they usually offer to provide the printing of the wedding invitations in the package. However, that does not include the paper material. When you pay the paper material, it is almost equivalent to paying for its printing prices without knowing.

If you are unsure of the design ideas that you may use for your wedding, You may get in touch with us for advice and enquiries on whatsapp +65 8753 0413!  Free consultation as well as some paper sample kit are available too.

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