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As a printer, we knew that adding high-quality imagery to graphics artwork could easily double the success of any given piece of content. But most design software options we have needs certain skill set and effort to complete. As someone who, like most of the people, had never been to design school, we understand that you may not have that pinch of talent in designing content you need.

Some people might have given up Photoshop & Illustrator and reached for MS Paint and Canva instead. That includes everyone from marketers and social media managers on corporate teams to jack-of-all-trades solopreneurs. Printmystuff has also increasingly been taken up by influential bloggers and SMEs companies has the need of designing their own content as online or print usage.

Even if you don’t need any technical design skills to use a tool like Canva, you’ll still get better results with your marketing images if you hire us for Graphic design. With that in mind, here are some beginner-friendly marketing tips for you:

  1. Figure out what you really need to design
    Graphic design is critical to any business, but especially for those just starting to build brand awareness, and make their first impressions with customers.

    Before you throw yourself into designing marketing materials for your company, think about what delivers the most pay-off for your time and money. Consider researching what tools and channels similar businesses use.

2. Website & Social Media Channels
A well-designed website is one of the most influential ways you can build awareness of your brand, and earn trust from potential customers. 91% of customers do research on products before they buy, and that goes for both online and brick-and-mortar businesses.

Most social media platforms offer easy and free ways to connect with new and existing customers. While you might choose to sell on social media, you can also share photos of products, happy customers, or examples of your business interacting with your community. The possibilities are endless.

3. Business Cards
Instantly leave an impression with potential customers, and give customers who may want to buy again later an easy way to contact you. These don’t have to be your typical white business card with an email and a phone number, either. Square or plastic material cards offer a unique way to show off your products and get visibility for your new website.

4. Packaging
If you’re selling physical goods, you should be aware of the phenomena of “unboxing.” Unboxing items has become a huge part of the customer experience, and companies such as Apple, Samsung, or Birchbox have plenty of content for you to gather inspiration. Keep your packaging simple to start, such as creating a little tag to go with your handmade merchandise, go with your brand’s colors to wrap up your skincare products, or offer a branded shopping bag for your in-store customers to carry their purchases.

5. Keep your designs simple
Even if you’re just starting out and don’t know the best ways to use the latest design programs, you can still create beautiful, clean designs with our professional designers helping you along. You can create a design plan that gives you a concrete goal to work towards.

Look at major brands or competitors for inspiration, and use that information to inspire your own designs. Great marketing materials get your message across in seconds, so remember to cut out the clutter to let your product or service stand on its own, whenever possible.

6. You can plan and design the right look for your business
As intimidating as it might sound, this is a chance to start designing the right look and feel for your business. This is an exciting time, and an opportunity to affect how new or existing customers think about your business.

7. Better marketing with better design
As intimidating as it might sound, this is a chance to start designing the right look and feel for your business. This is an exciting time, and an opportunity to affect how new or existing customers think about your business.

Apple is an excellent example of design being used as a competitive advantage, and the more recent successes of other design-led companies like Xero and Airbnb are offering more proof than ever before that beautiful design yields better results across all departments—from product design to marketing.

In a marketing context, beautiful design isn’t just about making content look pretty using nice images and fancy graphics. Beautiful design brings form and function together to motivate a person to take action, reduce their anxiety towards the action, and provide a clear, easy path to conversion. It includes brand design, brand identity, and even web design.

The more you can personalize your artwork campaigns to the characteristics of the potential audience, the higher your chances of converting them. Target your message and imagery, and create a social norm that other people just like them are using your product to increase pleasure or reduce pain.

If you are still unsure of marketing design ideas that you may use for your business, You may get in touch with us for advice and enquiries on whatsapp +65 8753 0413! Free consultation as well as some paper sample presentation are available too.

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